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 I started Kuk Sool Won of O’Fallon right after my ninth birthday, with a strong nudge from my father and loving encouragement from my mother. I remember my dad driving me to my introduction class and myself being very nervous. He didn’t really ask me if I wanted to do it, and I was the type of young girl that thought fighting was for boys and cheerleading was for me. But I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed class that day. My instructors were fun, energetic, loving, and in my face. At that moment I was hooked to the loving family atmosphere and strict-but-disciplined art. It was a great balance for me as a child, teenager, and now adult. Before Kuk Sool, I was shy, reserved, easily pushed around, and overall just in a shell. It took a few years, but Kuk Sool gave me the confidence to express my personality openly while also learning how to defend myself. These are two very important things that any young woman would need to grow into who they are.

 I’ve been training in Kuk Sool for ten years and I’m about to begin my eleventh year. In that time, I have only learned from my two instructors PKJN Kelly and SBN George. I can honestly say that there are no other martial art instructors I have ever met that put more love and support into each student than they do. It is because of this that I am who I am today, and a strong reason why I have been training as long as I have. College, family, and just life can be crazy, but I always find my way back home to the dojang, where everyone is treated with love and respect.

Not only do George and Kelly improve lives and spread inspiration, they also create champions. In 2011, Kuk Sool Won of O’Fallon won first overall at the World Tournament, something that has never been done in WKSA history outside of the state of Texas. George and Kelly’s teaching have also been recognized outside of the US. In 2013, our school traveled to Busan, South Korea for the biggest World Tournament Kuk Sool has ever held. Not only did I place fourth overall in a pool of more than seventy competitors from around the world spanning across many degrees, another O’Fallon student placed second. To top that off, O’Fallon won fifth overall winning school. This was another achievement that has never been accomplished since the art began in 1958.

The feeling that I receive from my instructors is a large reason why I became an instructor myself. What they did for my life, I of course wanted to return the favor to someone else. I have been teaching since 2009 from the age of twelve, and my passion for teaching Kuk Sool has only gotten stronger with my confidence and knowledge of the art. I encourage everyone to try out Kuk Sool. It will change your life for the better, just as it change.