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When I was a little kid, my dream job was to become a professional hockey player, or a football star, or a fighter. So when I was little, my grandma let me take skating lessons for hockey. I kinda lost interest, so I went to look for some football teams. My dad said, “Why don’t we look at the martial arts scene?” I was like, “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” So we looked around and found Kuk Sool. We thought it was really neat so I got to try it out for a couple of weeks.

I thought it was the coolest thing ever, so I asked my dad if I could do it. Shortly after, I signed up. I got to know the school and I thought one of the coolest things there were the instructors. There was one specific instructor who I idolized and pretty much considered my hero. I wanted to be just like her because she was tough and awesome and an amazing martial artist. She inspired me and she just worked so hard. Seeing her do it made me think, “Well, she’s great, so what makes her different than me? I can do that too, right?” The instructors inspired me.

A year or so later, my instructor talked to me about being a part of the SWAT team. Well, teaching someone something is a lot harder than I thought, but it is still something I love. I could never get tired of Kuk Sool, it’s just something that keeps giving when you think there is nothing else to give.