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As a kid, I was never very motivated to do anything except sit at home with a book or, usually, on my computer. My parents tried to get me to do cub scouts, then boy scouts, and I was always content to do the minimum. Eventually though, my neighbor who was in Kuk Sool Won convinced me to try it out. I showed up one day, and instantly fell in love.

After just my first class, everyone was incredibly welcoming to me. I didn't have the most friends, but even though I had just started, there was no one who didn't feel like a friend. I loved to be at Kuk Sool, and would be there every night that I could. Soon, I as honored to be selected to be on SWAT, which is to say, I was selected to be an instructor.

Being an instructor has helped me to grow so much compared to if I weren't in Kuk Sool Won.  Teaching has given me the opportunity to see things through other people's eyes. However, my biggest gain has partially been due to teaching and partially due to Kuk Sool as a whole, and that is confidence. If it weren't for everyone in Kuk Sool, my fellow instructors and the students, I would be much less confident of a person than i am today.