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I started Kuk Sool about eleven or so years ago when I was ten. I always dreamed of learning martial arts, but when I joined Kuk Sool Won O’Fallon, I learned a lot more than just martial arts. At just ten years old I learned discipline, structure, and focus without even realizing it.

When I got my black belt in 2009 I thought I was king of the world, but took a five year hiatus after I started high school. During that time, I had a lot of growing up to do. I went through that rough patch everyone goes through to find themselves. Around August of 2015 I pretty much came into my own, but I was missing something. I was thinking about joining again for a while, so I decided to just do it. My intention was to just work out, but everything changed after my first class. Everyone welcomed me back as if I hadn’t left. A fire was lit in me and I felt as if I found what was missing.

Kuk Sool Won O’Fallon is more than just where I do martial arts. It’s my home. Everyone here is my family, which is why I want to teach on SWAT. I want to pass on the love that was given to me. My instructors and SWAT Team are my family and I love them with all of my heart. I want to make sure the kids I teach get the same experience I did. Because that’s what we do here at Kuk Sool Won O’Fallon; we teach with love and compassion. We are a FAMILY. I promise you won’t find any other place like this.