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When I started Kuk Sool 6 and a half years ago, my only goal was to achieve a black belt.  It wasn't until I after I promoted, and became an instructor that I realized how much more there is to Kuk Sool.  It was then I realized how much it had changed my life and the ways I could use it to enhance the lives of the students I was learning to teach.

Kuk Sool provides a sense of community, family and friendship that I have yet to find anywhere else. That along with the excitement of knowing that each class will be a completely different experience from the others, are some of the qualities that make Kuk Sool a wonderful place. I love teaching kids, and Kuk Sool has provided an amazing way for me to do it, in a fun, safe environment. As Kuk Sool grows, I am thrilled and honored to be a part of it.