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I started Kuk Sool when I was five years old. My parents had taken me to two or three schools before that, but those schools were all about the money. Even at five years old I remember not feeling fulfilled when I did something like get a stripe or belt in my first class. But then we found KSW O’Fallon. I loved it and about two weeks after I joined, my mother joined. We have done Kuk Sool together for ten years. I must say it has been a great bonding experience with not only my mom, but all of the many friends I have met at Kuk Sool. Throughout my time here I have met most of my closest friends. While I have many from school, I would trust these guys by my side at all times. I meet such a wide variety of people it’s impossible not to make friends at the dojang. For the ten years I have done Kuk Sool I have loved basically all of it.  

Kuk Sool definitely shaped me into who I am today. I definitely like how Kuk Sool shaped me in school. We always collect report cards every quarter to see how you are doing. I always had straight A’s. I was more disciplined and had a much better work ethic due to Kuk Sool. My brother, younger by three years, is currently doing excellent in school just like I was in middle school. My mother constantly says I influenced that because of how I always acted. I believe her now after seeing how he acts in school and at home.

Now a sophomore in high school, I started instructing in February 2015. Being at class makes me happy. I look forward to going to Kuk Sool instead of staying home or hanging out with friends. I have always felt like a silent leader. I don’t come outright and tell you what to do, I just say ‘hey, that’s not a good idea.’ I try to influence others in a good way and guide them in a good direction instead of the wrong one. I have never just done what everybody else does. I find my own way, which I think is much more fun and smart than following others. In turn, others follow me. I enjoy helping others and have in school since early middle school. Sometimes kids would come to me before the teacher. I enjoy teaching the 7-10 year olds most. They end up with the perfect amount of understanding and goofiness that helps when you are instructing.  Teaching is a learning experience for me as well. When I became an instructor, I saw my Kuk Sool skill and ability skyrocket. I learn from how others do things. I am forced to answer questions I might not know the answer to on the spot. Teaching keeps my brain sharp, which helps with school. That’s one of the things I love most. Kuk Sool, when done right, is connected to everything you do. It is not a hobby. It is a lifestyle, as my instructor continually tells us. He is right. If you do Kuk Sool the way you are supposed to, it will help your grades, how you act at home, and how you act around others.