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I used to watch movies with my parents when I was little that had martial arts in them. Age 4 was when I got really interested martial arts. I would look at the martial artists in the movies with awe and fascination. I always told my parents that I wished I could do those cool moves I saw in movies. I lived really close to the old dojang pretty much my whole life, so I’d always pass by it. When I was around 7, I asked my mom if I could go in and try out. She let me watch, but not try out. We were kindly greeted by SBN George, and we sat and watched for about an hour (one class). After that, I was so intrigued in Kuk Sool that every time I saw the school on the way home, I’d beg to go in again. My mom took me inside to watch classes a few more times before she finally let me try out a class. After my intro class, I knew I wanted to sign up immediately because the instructors made me feel like I belonged. Within the first week of signing up, I already fell in love and wanted to go to class every day. The instructors were always smiling and teaching in creative, exciting ways. I loved learning new material and having fun with my peers at the same time.

 I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who looked up to the SWAT instructors and wanted to someday become one. I wanted to be able to inspire and be a great role model for others just like the originals. I never knew that I had what it took to be in a highly coveted position, which is being an instructor of Kuk Sool Won O’Fallon. Now that I am an instructor, my goal is to be able to be a positive influence and leader for the students. I wish for every one of my students take something they’ve learned and prove it useful. The discipline that’s enforced to them is to stay with them and be used outside of the dojang as well as inside, of course. I want to be a motivator for all the students, so they will try their very best every time they’re in class. I feel it’s a necessity that every student feel comfortable with me as their instructor and know I’ll always be there if they ever need me. I want every student coming back for more thrilling and challenging classes. I want to be an instructor who can turn someone’s not-so-good day into a great one. I want to have a positive impact on students’ lives. I love that I get to watch everyone grow into good hearted people. The sense of love and care makes it so enjoyable to play around and have fun with your students. Knowing that they want to hangout with you so bad outside of class is so special. Seeing the smile on kids’ faces when they finally get something down makes my day.You feel accomplished as well as your students. I hope my students take what I’ve taught them and in the future be greater than me.

 Kuk Sool Won O’Fallon has impacted me in so many ways. It’s taught me respect, and I’ve definitely gotten more confident in myself since I first started. I have grown so much and have been disciplined well throughout my years here. I’ve made some of the best friends I could ever ask for, and I love that I have about 200 different people who can support me if I ever need it. They really are my 2nd family, and the dojang is my 2nd home. I would not have gotten the opportunity to be an instructor if I didn’t have the SWAT team pushing me and strengthening me in every way and also believing that I could guide others to success, too. I’m thankful that I had the most amazing people teaching me and leading me to a brighter future because now I get to do the same.